100% Spray Applied Polyurea For Waterproof & Protective Coating


Rockmax Polylastic SA1 is a two component, 100% solid pure elastomeric polyurea coating. The cured membrane provides excellent flexible, durable, chemical resistance and corrosion protection. This material has been designed for machine application only.


Rockmax Polylastic SA1 can be used to waterproofing and protective coating for concrete structures such as roof decks, watertanks, basements, bridge decks, steel tanks, steel pipes., powe r plants, oil refineries, wood structures.


  • Excellent elongation and tensile strength.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Excellent oil resistance.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Very good bonding to substrates.
  • Fast reactive and cured time.
  • 100% solids (zero VOCs).
  • UV resistance.
  • Services temperature from -30°C to +120°C degree.


    Concrete substrate must be sound, clean free from oil, grease, mould oil, dust, and loose particles and cement paste. New concrete must be at minimum 28 days old. Do not apply when ambient temperature is below -10ºC degree. Ensure the surface is dry and free from standing water. Investigate void, honeycomb, or crack on concrete substrate. All damaged must be repair prior to application.


    This product may only be use by trained experience applicators/users. The equipment must be use is two part hot spray high pressure (>1500psi) machine only which can stable the hose the temperature from +60° C to +70°C. Pre-heat the equipment shall be +70 °C to +75 °C. Physical properties will be enhance when spray at more than 2500psi.


    Dose and mix with suitable two-part hot spray equipment. Both components must be heated up to between +60°C and +70°C. The accuracy of mixing and dosage must be controlled regularly with the equipment. Stir each part before load in to the equipment.


    The material can be sprayed over a broad range of substrate and ambient temperature. The limitation are in the ability of equipment to provide adequate pressure and stable temperature. Spray the material in multi direction (nort-south/east-west). Ensure the uniform of thickness.


    Part A: 200Litre drum
    Part B: 200Litre drum


    Storage in shade and dry condition. Avoid from frost, water, UV, moisture and high temperature. Store from +10°C to +35 °C.