One Component Elastic & Flexible Polyurethane


Rockmax PU200 is a one component hydrophobic elastic & flexible polyurethane injection resin. The material reacts when contact with water and creates expansion and high flexible & elastic solid type of foam to stop and displace coming pressure water leakage. Unlike the conventional polyurethane foam injection, the cured material provides good flexible and elongation designed for the movement joints or any settlements of the structures. The material is crack sealing permanently.


Rockmax PU200 can be used to stop water pressure leakage
permanently in concrete and
masonry. It designed especially for movement joints, cracks and settleme nt or displacement in the buildings/structures where
conventional hydrophobic
polyurethane injection (closed cell type) can not use.


  • Permanent sealing crack.
  • Excellent elasticity and flexibility.
  • Good bonding to concrete.
  • Good expansion.
  • Good tear and puncture resistance.
  • High resistance to water pressure.
  • Only material that can use for stop water pressure leakage in movement joints.
  • No use of catalyst make it easy application.
  • One step system.


    Crack line or leak area must be structurally sound, clean and free from oil, dust, cement paste, existing sealants and other contaminants. Remove all loose materials by wire brush or mechanical means.


    This below application or installation method is for guide line only. The detail installation method must be provided upon request and depend on project details.

    Drill injection holes by electrical drill at approximate half depth of thickness of concrete with 45 degree angle. The distance between hole is 150mm to 500mm depend on width of crack. Install packer (recommended ½ inch) in to injection hole. Use wrench to tight the packer. Packer size depend on crack width and depth of concrete structures. Please consult Rockmax for more information.

    Stir the material by hand using electric mixer for 30-45 second. Use electr ical single component pump to inject the material. Inject the material from bottom to top with carefully monitor the material and pressure. After finished re inject again from top to bottom to ensure all cracks are full fill with materials.


    20kg pail.


    Storage in shade and dry condition free from frost, water, moisture and high temperature. Rockmax PU200 must be store in air tight container. Must protect from atmospheric moisture. Must be store in area where temperature around 10ºC – 30ºC degree.