Rockmax E76 is a three components, solvent free, free flowing, high strength epoxy grout. Its designed for high services temperature and excellent chemical resistance. Use for critical bearing grout areas such as heavy industrials, chemical industrial complex, oil refineries, large crane bearing, bridge bearing and heavy bearing load areas.


  • Heavy Machine foundations.
  • Grouting under tank vessels.
  • Crane rail track bearing.
  • Turbines & Generators.
  • Vibration machines.
  • Fix anchor bolts.
  • Bridge bearings.
  • Structural steel column base plates.
  • Hoist rail bearings.
  • Heavy industrial grouts.

  • High services temperature resistance.
  • Very High early strength and ultimate strength.
  • Good adhesion to concrete and steel.
  • Good Vibration and impact resistance.
  • Good Chemical resistance.
  • Free flowability.
  • Shrinkage free.
  • Pre-measure pack for easy to use.



    Concrete substrate must be clean, free from oil, grease, mould oil, dust and loose particles. Steel plate must be clean and no rust. Ensure there is no crack on concrete surface. Concrete substrate must be dry and at least 28 days old include minimum compressive strength 25 Mpa. The profile of concrete substrate must be roughen by mechanical mean to create good bonding. The bolt pockets, steel base plate must be clean and no rust. Air release hole and joints must be prepared. Formwork must fixed to concrete surface. Seal all side of formwork and concrete by sealants. In case of deep area of grout, please consult Rockmax for more information.


    Mixer must use low speed drill mixer (500 rpm) with and including good quality steel paddle. Make sure all tools and equipments are in good conditions and clean. Before application ambient temperature must be check and not more than40ºC. Mix part A and part B for 1 minute. Add part C slowly while mixing and continues mixing approximate 2 minute until homogeneous.


    Pour epoxy grout immediately after mixing. Make sure sufficient pressure head for continues flow of grout. Air relief hold must be considered to allow air escape. Formwork must be firmly install and watertight.

    If due to the length of the pour and / or narrow gap width there is concern about the grout having adequate flow, metal or plastic straps as used for binding crates and boxes can be placed in the pour so that they can be pulled back and forth to assist the grout flow. Be aware that if or when the straps are withdrawn this can leave small voids.


    Rockmax E76 is self-curing. Make sure epoxy grout is not contact with rain, water, dust and other contaminants. Fully cure is approximate 7 days.


    10kg set / 45kg set.
    Larger package could be use upon request.


    Storage in shade and dry condition Avoid from frost, water, moisture and high temperature. Keep away from fire and ignite source.