Rockmax Supercote AS2000 is four components, self levelling, conductive epoxy floor system. The system include with primer Rockmax Supercote ASP, copper strip and top coat Rockmax Supercote AS2000. The product design for 1 to 2 mm thickness and provide excellent conductive properties. The system is suited to environments where static electricity must be controlled.


  • Rockmax Supercote AS2000 is suitable with floors where risk of explosion and damaged of electronic device from static charges.
  • Electronic manufacturing.
  • Military operation & warehouse.
  • Control rooms.
  • IT server and computer rooms.
  • Explosive plant & storage areas.
  • Hospitals & Emergency rooms.
  • Aerospace industry.
  • Solvent related plants.

  • Excellent chemical, wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Meet British Standard for antistatic requirements.
  • Prevent explosion from static charge.
  • Protect electronic parts from static shock.
  • Mechanical resistance.
  • Seamless and smooth surface.
  • Durability.
  • Good adhesion.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Environmental friendly.



    Concrete must be sound, clean and free from cement paste, dust, dirt and any other contaminants. Concrete must be at least 28 days and minimum Compressive strength 25N/mm2 and minimum tensile strength (pull off) at 1.5 N/mm2. Moisture content in concrete must less than 4%. All floors to received Rockmax Supercote AS2000 topping should be protected by damp proof membrane and free from damp rising or moisture vapor transmission. Total enclosed shot blasting or scarifying should be employed followed by vacuuming.  

    All damaged concrete substrate, crack, void and other debond materials must be repair prior to application.  

    Do not apply Rockmax Supercote AS2000 on this following substrate include bitumen, asphalt, unmodified screed mortar and PVC tiles.


    The substrate should be leveled and seal with water dispersed epoxy primer or solvent free epoxy primer.  

    After prime surface with sealer, a self adhesive copper strip should be connected with the earth points (Prepared by Electrical Engineer). Ensure that the tape bonded with primed surface completely.  

    Prime surface with Rockmax Supercote ASP using roller or brush. Wait until the primer dry approximate 24 hours prior to apply anti static topping. The conductivity must be check prior to apply top coat. Please contact Rockmax for further advice.


    Stir part A and part B component separately approximate ½ to 1 minute. Mix part A and part D approximate 1 minute follow by add part B and mix for 2 minute. Finally add part C to the mixed and continue mix for 1 minute. Avoid whipping air into the material. It is recommended that only full units be used, that both components are thoroughly mixed. We do not recommend using partial kits and reduce material.


    This material must be applied by specialist trained applicator.

    Pour mixed material directly on the surface in a long puddle and spread using either trowel or rubber squeegee. Check film thickness frequently. Use spike roller to remove any entrapped air. Do not spike roller after 20 minutes.  

    All joint and expansion joints must be plan and lay out prior application.


    Protect applied area from foot traffic at approximate 48 hours and fully cure in 7 days.


    Clean all tools and equipments immediately with acetone, xylene or other solvents.


    20 kg set.