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Rockmax Latex is a modified polymer emulsion bonding agent suitable to use in many applications include bonding agent between old and new concrete, new to new, old to old concrete substrate, waterproof render mortar, adhesive bonding grout, improve floor screed properties and improve durability in cement mortar. Rockmax Latex is a dispersion of internally plasticized high polymer resin in water. It is a ready to use and milk white liquid with a viscosity only slightly greater than that of water.


Rockmax Moform W is a water based mould release agent. It is formulated from blended emulsion and mineral materials. Product provides water repellent surface achieve clear and easy to remove formworks.




Rockmax Moform O is a chemical based mould release agent. It is formulated from selected chemicals and oil solutions. Product provides high performance for finer surface.




Rockmax Cure is liquid curing compound. It is formulated from non toxic chemicals which made a clear film on top of concrete surface when applied. It is provides high water retention and reduce water loss from concrete.




Rockmax Cure A is a high performance paraffin emulsion liquid curing compound. It can provide very high curing efficiency. It is suitable with large concrete areas.




Rockmax Apex Mixer 1600 is a heavy duty electric mixer. The tool set include with steel paddle for ready to use on site.




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