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Rockmax Jointseal is hot applied joint sealant. It composed of synthetic rubber, resin, additive, asphalt and selected grade filler. Excellent properties for horizontal concrete joint especially road, highway and bridge joints.




Rockmax Jointseal (cold) is a cold applied rubberized bitumen joint sealant. It can be used for joint sealing, crack sealing, water plug. It can be easily fill by hand for installation. The material has very good adhesion and bonding even moist substrate. Cured material can withstand water and immerse in water without de-bonding.



Rockmax PUseal is a one part polyurethane sealant with excellent elasticity, weather resistance, non-sag and good watertight. Use for filling and sealing concrete joints with no primer required. Rockmax PUseal conform to ISO 11600 Class F25LM on anodized aluminium and mortar.



Rockmax PSseal is two component polysulphide sealant. The product could provide good bonding, elasticity, flexible and durable sealant. It is use for many application areas which requires high performance and chemical resistance sealant.



Rockmax FLEXIBOARD is an expansion joint filler board use for filling expansion concrete joints. The product is manufactured from cellular fibers and saturated asphalt. It provides very good flexibility and recovery properties with non-extrusion conforming to ASTM and AASHTO standard.



Rockmax PE Board is a non-absorbent, flexible, closed cell polyethylene joint filler. It is light weight, excellent flexibility, highly resilient material offering very high recovery properties. The compact closed cell structure will absorb no water and no moisture.



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