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Rockmax PU100 is a one part hydrophobic polyurethane injection. It is designed to stop water leakage by pressure injection thru crack, honeycomb, void and damaged concrete. It will react immediately when contact with water and create expansion to stop water leakage. In an unconfined environment the expansion rate of the material is twenty (20) times compare to beginning volume.


Rockmax PU200 is a one component hydrophobic elastic & flexible polyurethane injection resin. The material reacts when contact with water and creates expansion and high flexible & elastic solid type of foam to stop and displace coming pressure water leakage. Unlike the conventional polyurethane foam injection, the cured material provides good flexible and elongation designed for the movement joints or any settlements of the structures. The material is crack sealing permanently.


Rockmax EB543 is a solvent free, thixotropic two components epoxy adhesive and repair mortar. It can used to bond many kinds of materials such as concrete, steel, iron, mortar or wood. It is supplied in pre-weight 2 pack system with ready to use on construction site. The mixed material is high consistency (paste) suitable and easy to use for anchoring reinforcing steel bar with concrete.


Rockmax EB545 is a solvent free, 2 component epoxy bonding agent. The cured material provides high bonding strength between old substrate and new topping material. It is also used in area where critical bonding strength is required.



Rockmax EB547 is a solvent free, 2 component epoxy patching mortar. The material is consists of resin, hardener and selected fine aggregates. Its use as repair mortar, fill voids & gaps and bonding substrates.



Rockmax PU600 is a solvent free, two components polyurethane injection resin. Cured material results high compressive strength, bonding and tensile strength. Its very tough and solid. It is recommended to use specially for soil stabilization, reinforcing behind concrete structure, protect water infiltration to concrete structure, sealing cracks, filling cavities and gravel nests.


materials consumption rate to be expected. The results of this analysis are decisive for positioning the drill holes to be made for the building project. Standard paterns: gel injection into the foundation soil in the form of a vertical curtain and horizontal floor.


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