Water Repellant


2 Component Epoxy Adhesive, Repair Mortar And Anchoring Reinforce Steel Bar



Rockmax EB543 is a solvent free, thixotropic two components epoxy adhesive and repair mortar. It can used to bond many kinds of materials such as concrete, steel, iron, mortar or wood. It is supplied in pre-weight 2 pack system with ready to use on construction site. The mixed material is high consistency (paste) suitable and easy to use for anchoring reinforcing steel bar with concrete.


Rockmax EB545 can used to for patching repair mortar, bonding steel plates, setting anchor bolts or dowel bars, seal crack or void on concrete surfaces.


  • High early strength.
  • Excellent bonding strength.
  • Can use on dry or damp surface.
  • Durability.
  • Non Sag.
  • Shrinkage free.




    Bonding/Repairing :
    Concrete substrate must be clean and free from oil, grease, dust, particles, mould oil, curing compound. Remove all loose material and laitance by mechanical means. New concrete must be at least 21 days old. When working with high temperature, please consult Rockmax for recommendation.

    Anchoring Reinforcing Steel Bar :
    Drill the hole by drilling machine according to specific depth and diameter. Blow the dust from the bottom of the hole. Clean the hole with wire brush and remove the dust again.


    Mix part A and part B at 2-3 minute by low speed electric drill. Mix until the material homogeneous and uniform color. Do not mix by hand trowel.


    Bonding/Repairing :
    Apply the material by steel trowel to the prepare substrate. The maximum thickness per layer is 10mm (vertical) and 35mm (horizontal).

    Anchoring Reinforcing Steel Bar :
    Apply the mixed to the reinforcing steel with fully cover the bar by steel trowel and pour mixed material in to the prepare holes approximate 10-20% of volume of holes. Put the reinforcing steel in to the hole and compress it firmly till the depth of the hole. Ensure all material is full the hole and steel bar.


    2kg set.


    Storage in shade and dry condition Avoid from frost, water, moisture and high temperature.