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Rockmax Anchorgrip 900 is a two component, high strength, structural epoxy adhesive and anchoring system. It’s designed for high bonding strength on threaded rod, bolts, dowels and reinforcing steel bar in concrete in addition it can be used to bonding steel, metal, wood and concrete. The materials supplied in dual plastic cartridges with static mixer nozzle for ease application.


Rockmax EI is a low viscosity, two component epoxy resin designed for good penetration to small cracks. The cured material provides high early strength and confirms to ASTM C-881, grade 1, class 1 type B&C. The main purpose is to fill voids, cracks, holes in concretes and bonding in structural concrete repairs by injection or gravity-feed method.



Rockmax TOP is one part polymer modified fiber reinforced cementitious repair mortar. It contains selected grade of fillers to become smooth surface. The product provide high strength and good bonding to existing substrate. It can use for both precast concrete and cast in situ concrete.



Rockmax TOP (OH) is one part lightweight polymer modified fiber reinforced cementitious repair mortar. The material is suitable to use with vertical and overhead repair areas. Its provide high strength concrete with and include high bonding strength to the existing substrate.



Rockmax TOP200 is a ready to use one part skim smooth surface rendering powder form. It can be applied both internal and external surfaces. Rockmax TOP200 provides a thin fairing surface over hairline crack, pinholes, air pocket, seams and minor defected surfaces.



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