Rockmax Grout GP is non shrink cement base grout with high flow. Use for general purpose include fill void, repair work, fill gap, base plate, steel base plate, foundation.




Rockmax Grout CG is high strength cement base grout with high flow. Use for area require high quality grout. Application area include machine base, cavity repair, fulfill void in concrete, steel colum base plate and bridge bearing.




Rockmax Padding Mortar is a cementitious mortar use for bedding steel base plate before grouting. The material has high early strength for faster the installation process,




Rockmax EPG is high strength epoxy grout. Use for area require early strength, chemical resistance and vibration. Application area include machine base, bridge bearing, crane rail installation, heavy handling equipment and concrete repair.



Rockmax E76 is a three components, solvent free, free flowing, high strength epoxy grout. Its designed for high services temperature and excellent chemical resistance. Use for critical bearing grout areas such as heavy industrials, chemical industrial complex, oil refineries, large crane bearing, bridge bearing and heavy bearing load areas.



Rockmax Grout UW is a cementitious grout formulated especially for underwater application. It can be applied by both pump and pouring. The material used for repair the concrete structure underwater or pile restoration underwater. Grouts meet performance requirement of ASTM C1107.