Rockmax Admix CM is a liquid admixture for waterproofing and plasticizer for concrete and cement mortar mix. Rockmax Admix CM conforms to ASTM C494 type A.




Rockmax Plastech is a liquid type admixture for cement mortar mixing. It can be used for rendering, plastering and block/brick laying works. The mix provides high quality mortar results in excellent bo nding, reduce cracks, reduce amount of water, enhance workability, easy to work. The material is conform to BS 4887.



Rockmax Putty is a waterborne, acrylic putty for interior and exterior use. It has excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions, damp, alkalinity and is suitable for coating of plaster, concrete, cement boards, plaster boards, gypsum boards. The material is smooth and fine surface, Easy to work and quick drying without cracks.



Rockmax Aquatech W is a ready to use, water based, liquid applied, water repellent. It’s formulated from silane-siloxane polymer. The cured material act like sealer to the substrates and provides durability, water repellent and protect the appearance of surfaces. The material penetrates into the surface, forming a long lasting water repellent treatment that retards the penetration of these contaminants.


Rockmax Aquatech S is a ready to use, solvent base, breathable, liquid applied, high performance water repellent sealer. The treated surfaces have a totally natural appearance. The small molecule of material penetrates into the pore and capillaries of surfaces results in stop intrusion of water, salt, acid, oil, alkaline, chemical. Treatment of reinforced concrete surface reduces surface erosion and corrosion of rebar caused by water and salt water.


Rockmax PU FOAM M76 is a single component, moisture curing, expansive polyurethane foam. It is designed easy dispensing through straw attached each can. Material is designed to use in many application including with sound insulation, weather insulation, sealing and filling and close gap or voids.



Rockmax Apex Mixer 1600 is a heavy duty electric mixer. The tool set include with steel paddle for ready to use on site.