Tar Epoxy Coating Chemical Resistance And Waterproofing Concrete


Rockmax Epogard T is a two component epoxy coal tar waterproofing. Cured material provides high chemical resistance, good abrasion and durability to concrete structures. It can protect concrete from chemical s, dilute acids, salt waters, high chlorine concentrate, alkalis, solvents.


Rockmax Epogard T is used for coating and lining concrete such as water retaining tanks, waste water tanks, sewages, tunnels, reservoirs, retaining walls, septic tank, chemical tanks, sea water concrete structures, cooling tower tank.


  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Protect against salt water attack.
  • Hard wearing surface.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Waterproof.
  • Protect moisture movement.
  • Good adhesion to concrete.


    Concrete must be sound, clean and free from oil, grease, wax, cement paste, dust, dirt and any other contaminants. Concrete must be at least 28 days and minimum Compressive strength 25N/mm 2 and minimum tensile strength (pull off) at 1.5 N/mm 2 . The moisture content in concrete must be lower than 6%. The substrate should not have a relative humidity more than 85% at installation period. Total enclosed grinding, high water pressure jet, or scarifying must be employed followed by vacuuming. All holes and voids must be repaired prior to installation. Seal the surface with moisture barrier or modified epoxy cement in case of surface subject to rising damp or moisture movement. Please consult Rockmax for more information.


    Stir base and hardener component separately approximate 10 second. Pour part A and part B together in the bucket and continue mixing for 3 minute until homogeneous. Avoid whipping air into the material. It is recommended that only full units to be used, that all components are thoroughly mixed. We do not recommend using partial kits and reduce or dilute materials.


    Applied Rockmax Epogard T by roller or stiff nylon type brush. Allow the first coat dry at approximate 12 hours (30ºC) and the second coat must be applied not more than 48 hours after the first coat application. When finished the application protect the coating from water.


    24.50 kg set (A+B).
    Part A: 21.0 kg and Part B: 3.50 kg.


    Storage in shade and dry condition. Avoid from frost, water, UV, moisture and high temperature.